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We offer events and activities for the whole family-parent night out, special story time yoga, seasonal camps and more. We can also help plan your next birthday party, holiday event or special party either at our studio or at your location. Call with your idea and we can help make it a reality!

For more information on our current events, including seasonal events, please visit our class schedule and calendar page.

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We are proud to offer a range of special events throughout the year based around seasonal holidays and more. Be sure to check out our blog for more details!

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We also do parties of all kind!

Let us help you plan your next event. We can help with birthday parties, wedding receptions, holiday parties- you name it! If there are kids we can help keep them entertained with yoga, games and activities. For adults we can also do a yoga themed event. Choose our location or we can come to you!

Birthday Parties

Join us at Omtastic for your next birthday party.

Pick one of our themes or let us design a party around your theme. We can provide everything from decorations to food or you can bring your own cake. You decide!

Whatever you decide, it will be a memorable event!

Our Themes

Pop Rock

Yoga Jam to your favorite pop and rock hits and karaoke dance party

Pirate Arrrr...

Walking the plank yoga moves and a treasure hunt

Princess Royal

Yoga ballroom style and a special tea party

Beach Fun in the Sun

Yoga and sand castles

Makeover Yoga

Stretches, hair and makeup.
Supply fee of $3.00 per child


Roaring yoga and a swinging piñata


Yoga and a walk on the runway camera shoot

Monster Mash

Woga and a monster costume party

Art Sculpting

Yoga and paint or pottery party
Supply fee of $3.00 per child

Lego Party

Amp up your Logo abilities with some classic Yoga Poses.
Make Lego Chopsticks and test your skill picking up small objects.
Good aim? Prove it with the Lego Toss Game.
Heard of Pictionary? Creationary is better… build your world with Legos for the others to guess.
Lego Pizza, Lego Jell-O, Lego cheese and crackers and a Lego Cake.

Includes: 12 children

$10 per extra child
40 minutes themed yoga class
40 minutes activity related to theme
40 minutes for food and presents

Field Trips

We do field trips! Bring your group to our yoga studio or have us visit your site. We love to teach yoga to kids of all ages. Yoga develops focus, concentration and self esteem in a fun, imaginative way.

$3.50 per student at our studio
For 45 minutes of yoga with a craft to complement the activity


$4.00 per student at your site
For 45 minutes of yoga and games

Book your field trip today!

Other Special Events

We can make any party special for the adults or children at your event! We can help plan company picnic, holiday parties, bridal showers, wedding receptions, end of the season sports parties and more! Call to get starting on the planning. 719-418-2375.