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Yoga Classes in Colorado Springs, CO

Omtastic Yoga offers classes for students of all ages and families too. Classes focus on individual abilities, help to develop mind and body awareness and tap into each student's creative energies. Yoga is also a time for families to workout together and bring laughter and joy into your life! Parents can also come for workouts while children play in the toy area! Check out our schedule and register online or by calling 719-418-2375.

We are proud to offer the following classes:

OM Baby

For Adults & Children under 3
A time for mom, dad, grandma or grandpa- any adult who is important to the child-to share a time of exploration, fun and growth as your infant develops and grows. A great workout for the adult partner, pulling our little yogi's in for group poses and songs.

OM Wiggler

Ages 3-4
A class designed to encourage your 3 and 4-year-old to move and wiggle about, learning to harness their energy in a fun productive way.

OM Adventure

Ages 4-5
This group will go on many yoga adventures: the farm, the ocean, the rainforest, any where their imagination can take them. Games, team building and cooperation are built into our adventures in order to build focus and a mind-body connection.

OM Warrior

Age 6-9
Warriors stand strong in their beliefs and meet the world with determination and strength. The warriors will build self confidence and inner strength through games, partner activities, arm balances and inversions.

OM Shanti

Age 10 and up
Our peace keepers develop their confidence in themselves by engaging in group poses, planning their own routines and journaling their thoughts. This is a time where leadership skills and self-exploration are key.

OM Family

This is a time for the whole family to practice together. Young children are welcome to enjoy the play area or join the family for our practice.

Meditation for Kids

Ages 6-12
with Katy Allred - Mostly Mindful Mommy
Group classes incorporate storytelling, creative movement, breathwork, guided visualizations, and a related art project whic teach children tools in BITESIZE pieces to help them focus, self-regulate emotions, reduce anxiety, and celebrate themselves.

Mindful Meditation

Ages 6-10
Mindful meditation incorporates storytelling, creative movement, breathwork, guided visualizations, and a related projects which teach children tools to help them focus, self-regulate emotions, reduce anxiety, and celebrate themselves.

Classes for Parents

Available by specail arrangement- 5 adults required to form a class.

Chair Yoga

A class that combines yoga poses conducted from a chair or standing position with the chair as support. Great for anyone new to yoga, who is recovering from and illness or injury or anyone who wants to build up strength while avoiding all the up and down of a regular yoga class.

Gentle Yoga with Props

Gentle Yoga in Colorado Springs, CO

In this class we will focus on alignment. Using blocks, straps, blankets and chairs, this class is accessible for all. Even if you don't want to get on the floor you can benefit from yoga poses. Begin to gently open the body and mind!

Yin Yoga

A class designed to relax the body through longer stretches in each pose. A slower flow of poses, very relaxing.

PreNatal Yoga

Great class for all stages of pregnancy. Gentle flow class designed to help keep the pregnant body toned and to prepare for the birth process. Also a great support for all mom's to be whether this is your first baby or your 4th. All levels of yoga experience welcome.

Yoga Classes in Colorado Springs for All Ages

We are proud to offer yoga, meditation, and creative activities for students of all ages. We are dedicated to helping every member of your family activate their mind and make connections to their body.

For more information about our class offerings, please contact us today at 719-418-2375. To view our full class listings and upcoming special events, please view our class schedule!